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Archive C 4

Newsflash - 21. 06. 2012: "BACK 2 JAPAN"








08. 06. 2012: "THANK-YOU Krüger" - TO Y'ALL:

THANK YOU for all your love and support!!

You got us into the Finals and made it darn close, MANN!

But we gotta hand it to the winners.... a couple of tissues that is: them two boyz did a really good job! (blowin' each other...)

Hahahaaaaaaaaaaa, just kidding.  

At least I got my new pair of Red Rock Edition "Support 81 World" sunglasses, man.  You should get yours, too.  They just ROCK!! ;-)



02. 06. 2012: "Karl >The Flash< Painer's Fire- & Nunchaku Action Show @ 37th Euroride 81"




28. 05. 2012: "CONTEST Krüger - mit der Grazer Legende Karl the Flash Painer!"



23. 05. 2012: "Biker Krüger - Kalt wie Stein!"

 Viktor Krüger Athlete's album: "Biker Krüger - Kalt wie Stein

The H-D Night Train - Sturgis or Bust

Mo' pics on my Facebook account -

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19. 05. 2012: "Expendable Krüger - Gun Control in Austria 2!"

My shoe is bigger than your car!


Click the image above 4 more "Actschion" pics on

Facebooks "VIKTOR KRÜGER ATHLETE" account.



10. 05. 2012: "Season Opening 2012!"

 Viktor Krüger Athlete's album: "US cars cruisin' in Austria"

Season's opening cruise with a great gang o'guys n'gals -

Mo' pics on my Facebook account -

Just click the pic for a peek!



30. 04. 2012: "Gun Control in Austria!"

Just remember: with the right discipline and persistence you can achieve about everything you desire!


(roll over picture with cursor)

 You seen me work hard all winter long, as a matter of fact all year round.

And if you stick to it, YOU CAN DO IT, too!!

(Don't let anybody tell you that you cannot -

just believe in yourself !)



28. 04. 2012: "Update on FIBO 2012!"

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Viktor Krüger Athlete's album "FIBO 2012"

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26. 04. 2012: "FIBO 2012"

 One of the biggest Fitness and Sports Conventions on the face of this planet!  If you have the chance to visit, go do it!

Click the pic below 4 mo' impressions.


 Team Austria did extra-ordinary well!  Congratulations to all the contestants there, y'all did a great job.  

Overall a great nations tournament in powerlifting with outstanding professional courtesy amongst the competiting teams.  What a spirit!!

(AND: No, the vision above was not re-done with a picture enhancing computer program.)



01. 04. 2012: "Spring-time!"


Time to get a tan -

Time to be in shape -

Time to be cruising the original !!



01. 02. 2012: "You Gotta Stay In Shape!"


Train Hard, Train Good -

If you don't, you are just cheating yo-self !




  Happy New Year

2012 !!


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Read below: How it all Re-started.


6.November 2004 : Viktor Krüger besiegt den Warlord (WWF) aus Amerika in Oberwart (Österreich) und wird damit der

New World-Heavyweight Champion !



Big Guys Battle
05:08 min wmv

Viktor Krueger from Austria (former WCW, CWA, VDB, and Battlarts-Japan) fights The Warlord from USA (former WWF) for the World Heavyweight Championship title. Big guys battle in November 2004.

Für weitere Details über den Weltmeisterschaftskampf click hier:                     Deutsche Version     English Version



Welcome to the lost world


Grow or Die !

From the beginning the Krüger was always some sort of mystery to the Japanese people. His grueling training methods lead everybody to believe Krüger being from another dimension, time or place:

The lost world of an earlier years self-masochism to make yourself win at all cost. You rarely find this enthusiasm to self-inflict pain for growth anymore. Much less will you find another 20-year full contact sports career survivor of that species anywhere on this planet. Where everybody stops Krüger just gets started. 





The fascination in his fighting style is simply the reflection of his hard hearted workouts. He will take your shit and swallow it. Then turn around smiling and give you his all to see what you have got for an answer. And that is the way the Krüger lives.












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