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"Traditional Wrestling": The fighting style that all the other styles that have come since were reared from. Originally evolving from its carnival roots in rural America, this is the style most of today's wrestling fans have come to know as their own nationally, with punches, kicks, and chops as well as competitors working on extremities hold-for-hold to wear down their adversaries. You can expect to see the fluid style of Jerry Lynn and the old school mentality of Terry Funk exposing this style in their ring work.

"Strong Style": Although this hard-hitting style was birthed in the Orient, this mesh of martial arts kicks and devastating strikes has evolved and been re-born with American performers such as Michael Modest and Homicide. Doubly deadly is the usage of innovative and unique submission holds, such as those utilized by Low Ki and Taiyo Kea. One can also expect brutal suplexes where the designation of the maneuver is to drop an opponent on their neck and head in order to effectively defeat them. This is a brutal style that methodically beats and wears down those who oppose it into the ring. Those who practice this style face it as if it is a way of life, a religion of sorts, based upon respect and endurance as much as the thrill of competition within the squared circle.

"Shoot Wrestling": With the advent of Mixed Martial Arts competition breaking out in the sports world in the last decade, many of the aspects of shoot wrestling can be found in many of the competitors in MLW today. Inspired by the likes of Japanese great Nobuhiko Takada, these fighters will utilize stiff knee and foot strikes, as well as devastating suplexes and are more ground-based scrappers as opposed to other MLW competitors. You can expect to see young upstart PJ Friedman taking to the mat with this style in Major League Wrestling as he strives to prove his own training in New York City is as good as those with international dojo experience.


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