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Rock me, Amadeus.

(sometime in the 21st century, somewhere in America)  


At an undisclosed location, time, and date, the Krüger met one of the foremost hated and feared pro wrestlers of all time: the original Rock, the Giant killer, leader of the original four horseman - Ole Anderson.

It is a well kept secret that the Rock was one of the strongest influences in the Krüger's career. And this includes Krüger's strong reputation outside of the squared circle as well.


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Tiger's World of Shootfighting

(Florida, 2002) 


The original Team X (Team Extreme) Carl Greco and the Krüger visiting Tiger's World of Shootfighting's Buerto Diesel.

A man will always know where he is going when he remembers where he came from. Going back to the roots, getting down and dirty choked to the bone and back sure is something.

The Krüger and Carl Greco aka Power & Technique Team X would lay mayhem and anguish on anybody, anywhere at any time..


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