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Stages of a life-long career



For over 20 years of professional sports, Krüger's career focus was mainly built on three essentials:Pro-football, Grappling, and Shootfighting.

Rather than putting Krüger's extensive career resume on display, the following pictures will give you a much better idea of the Krüger's work ethics and achievements over the years.




  1993 WCW

1994 WCW   

1995 WCW & CWA    

  1996 CWA & Japan

               1997 Japan  

                                    1998 Japan & EU   

                1999 EU & Mid East 


                                          Roll over pictures

                                                2002 Africa 

              2003 EU 


vik151204de.JPG   Merry Christmas 2004 USA!

RVÖ Champ 2005 Austria  


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vik151204de.JPG  Sommer '05 @ Kurti's!

Der Champ 2006 Austria  


 The Austrian Champ 2007



Wacken    2010

 Man or Machine 2011

BatiBati 46 /th Anniversary Legend's Kumite @ Plazasol Kawasaki, Japan 2012









The Krüger's interest is and was only focused on tough full contact sports. Hard work combined with finesse and technique fullfills Krüger's need for Götterdämmerung!

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