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 SF 106

Product :Sparkling Fighters Collector's Card

Description :BBM '06

Key Features:Standing up Reverse Ankle Lock

A sold out Kitazawa Town Hall, in Shimo-kitazawa Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan: This time teaming up with his long time rival Ishikawa Yuki against Team Taco with Takeshi Ono and Ikeda Daisuke. Krüger knocked down not once but twice, still getting up to win the war.

Another breath - taking fight in the year of hard knocks.

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 SF 104.


Product :Sparkling Fighters Collector's Card

Description :BBM '97

Key Features:Missing tooth in fight

A sold out Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan: A typical fight in the Krüger's career. During another heart stopping controversy, he looses a tooth through a head butt by thick headed Ishikawa. All Japanese media surprised by the Dinosaur missing a fang, but T'Rex stays King of the Ring.

Breath - taking fight in the year of hard knocks.

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 CC 195.


Product : Pro Wrestling Card 195.

Description : BBM '97.

Key Features: The Undergrip Inverted V-1 arm bar.

 At a mega event at Riogoku Sumo-Hall in front of a capacity crowd, the Krüger applies an undergrip inverted arm bar to the very quick and tricky Alexander O. Over the years, the Krüger has always astonished the fight oriented Japanese audience with his own European Strong Style.

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 CC 214.


Product : Pro Wrestling Card 214

Description : BBM '97

Key Features: High kick to the head.

In the singles tournament YGB part 1 in Japan, Team X-treme displays an extraordinairy fighting spirit when the Krüger and Carl Greco have to fight each other in an all out war of the bloods-brothers. This outrageous effort will never be forgotten by none of the eye witnesses.

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